Shocking New Test: The Woman Who Can Smell Disease

Joy Milne, a retired nurse from Perth, Scotland, possesses the remarkable ability to detect Parkinson’s disease through smell. Her husband exhibited an unusual odor around his shoulders and neck long before his formal diagnosis.

This later led Joy to recognize the distinct smells association with the condition when she later identified the same scent at a Parkinson’s support group. This unique skill caught the attention of scientists, prompting the development of a skin swab test by researchers at Manchester University.

The test, which analyzes sebum from the patient’s back, demonstrated an impressive 95% accuracy in trials. Researchers identified 500 different compounds in the sebum samples, differentiating those with Parkinson’s from the control group. Currently, no chemical test exists for Parkinson’s, resulting in lengthy waiting lists for neurological consultations.

Professor Perdita Barran, leading the research, envisions the potential for these tests to be implemented in general practitioners’ offices, offering quick diagnoses within three minutes. Efforts are underway to transition the test from research labs to hospital analytical labs, with hopes to begin testing individuals in the Manchester area within two years.

The fact that Joy can smell Parkinson’s is rather shocking. The fact that they have used that to help create a whole new type of test is just incredible.

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