About Us

Breaking free from the negativity trap

In a media landscape where sensationalism and negative headlines often take center stage, it’s no secret that most news organizations prioritize clickbait and profit over responsible journalism. This skewed curation of content creates a false narrative that fosters nihilism and hopelessness which is counterproductive to our collective growth as a society.
We understand the allure of shocking stories that grab your attention, but we also recognize the toll they can take on your mental health and outlook on life. We are committed to breaking free from this negativity trap, demonstrating that meaningful, uplifting news can be just as engaging, thought-provoking and important as its negative counterpart. We refuse to be swayed by the notion that positive news is boring, dull or less important.
At Daily Upsider we don’t seek to replace traditional news but to provide a much-needed addition that complements your existing news sources and provides you with a broader, more holistic perspective on the world.
Thank you for being part of our journey to bring balance to the media landscape and for choosing Daily Upsider as your trusted source of uplifting news. Together, we can rewrite the narrative and inspire positive change.