Largest Gold Nugget Ever Found in England

Despite encountering technical difficulties with his metal detector, Richard Brock, a seasoned treasure hunter with over three decades of experience, made a remarkable discovery in the Shropshire Hills of England. Arriving late to the organized expedition, Brock’s persistence paid off when he unearthed a 64.8-gram gold nugget, the largest ever found in England.

“After only 20 minutes of scanning the ground with this back-up detector that had a fading screen display, I found this nugget buried about five or six inches down in the ground” said Brock.

The discovery, named ‘Hiro’s Nugget,’ holds a bit of mystery because the area is not known for large deposits of gold. The area where it was found, near Much Wenlock, is believed to have served as a track or road with railway lines, possibly containing stone from Wales—a region renowned for its gold deposits. This could explain the strange appearance of the gold nugget.

The discovery is now being auctioned online by Mullock Jones Auctioneers, with expectations of fetching tens of thousands of dollars.

In a gesture of generosity, Brock intends to share the proceeds with the landowner.

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