Mind Stretchers

Mind Stretchers

April Leader board:

Albert Knox13
Gerry Moore13
Galen Garretson 12
Linda Runatz 10
Chris Hostetler9
Debbie Ettinger 8
Eugene Hostetler 8
Jennye Smith 5
Martin Walter 2
Dave B1
Marlene Carroll1
Laura Frantz1
James Godfrey1
Phyllis Lacovetto1
Jocelyn Linder1
Lillian McChristian1
Mark Neugebauer 1
Jerry Polder1
Kimie Sanchez1
Lawrence Szyszka1
Gaby Thomas 1
Betty Wade 1

What is this competition?

Every day you can send in your answer to the daily Mind Stretcher. At the end of the month we tally up all your correct answers and update the leader-board showing who got the most correct answers.

Is this connected to the daily shout-out?

The daily shout-out goes to the person who gets the correct answer in first. The leader board counts all submissions, not just the first correct answer.


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