Neuralink Patient Can Control a Computer Mouse Through Thinking

Elon Musk, the visionary founder of Neuralink, recently announced that a patient equipped with the company’s cutting-edge brain technology has achieved the ability to control a computer mouse solely through thought. During a discussion on the social media platform X, Musk shared, “The patient seems to have made a full recovery with no ill effects that we are aware of and is able to control the mouse, move the mouse around the screen just by thinking.”

Neuralink, founded by the billionaire entrepreneur, has developed a brain implant with the goal of enabling humans to use neural signals to interact with external technologies. The company’s mission includes the restoration of functions lost due to injury or disease, such as vision, motor skills, and speech capabilities.

This breakthrough follows Neuralink’s first-ever human implantation of its device in January, a procedure carried out with precision by a robotic system.

Musk highlighted the company’s objectives, stating that Neuralink aims to maximize the number of commands executed through thought, including actions like moving a computer mouse in various directions or dragging items across a screen.

The commencement of patient recruitment for its inaugural human clinical trial was announced by Neuralink last fall, following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval in May, as detailed in a company blog post.

This initial human trial represents a significant milestone in Neuralink’s journey toward bringing its technology to the market. Before gaining final FDA approval, medical device firms are required to undergo extensive safety data collection and rigorous testing phases.

I am glad to hear that there are no adverse effects so far. I certainly am not jumping at the opportunity to get a chip in my brain. However, the technology has a lot of promise for helping with certain neurological conditions like paralysis.

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