Grandma Graduates 60 Years Later with a Special Tribute

Angela Davidson, an English grandmother, recently completed her university degree nearly sixty years after initially enrolling in animal sciences. She had discontinued her studies due to pregnancy after meeting her partner at the same college, where only six women were studying animal sciences.

In December 2023, Angela graduated with a Bachelor’s (honors) in Animal Sciences. During the ceremony, a university representative highlighted the substantial increase in the number of veterinary students, particularly women, compared to the six students in 1960, including Angela.

Angela, surrounded by her children and grandchildren on graduation day, remarked, “It was a most wonderful morning. I’ve waited years for this.” Reflecting on the challenges faced by women in the early 1960s, she appreciated the recognition of the evolving times during her ceremony and added, “The early 1960s was a very different time for women, and that has been acknowledged today—I felt such a warm atmosphere.” Angela also expressed her satisfaction, stating, “I’ve waited many years for this, and my daughter, who I was expecting when I left the course, was here with me today to see me finally pick up my degree.”

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