Boosting Grid Power by 30%: ‘Magic Balls’ Headed to the US!

Heimdall Power, a Norwegian company, is introducing its innovative technology to improve the efficiency of power lines in the United States. The company’s flagship product, the Neuron, a small spherical ‘magic balls’ sensor resembling a soccer ball, is designed to monitor voltage, temperature, and current angles on high-voltage power lines in real-time.

Traditional power lines lack real-time information about electricity transmission, leading to inefficiencies. With approximately 160,000 miles of power lines in the US, the potential for improvement is significant. Installed quickly by drones, the Neuron provides crucial data to grid managers.

For instance, it can identify areas of over-transmission, allowing adjustments to save costs or reallocate power to areas with higher demand. Heimdall Power claims that improved control over power lines has already saved customers significant amounts in Norwegian Kroner, equivalent to almost $10 million. The Neuron is set to make its debut in the US through agreements with Great River Energy in Minnesota and an undisclosed publicly-traded utility in Michigan.

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