Experimental Cancer Treatment Gives Mom a 2nd Chance

After less than a year of undergoing treatment with a new cancer drug, a young woman saw her tumor disappear, easing concerns about her ability to have more children.

Kelly Spill’s life took a difficult turn after giving birth to her first baby when she was diagnosed with cancer. Experiencing symptoms like fatigue, bleeding, weight loss, and loss of appetite, she suspected cancer despite doctors initially attributing her symptoms to childbirth.

Tests confirmed stage-3 colorectal cancer, leading Spill to seek treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Conventional treatment options posed a risk to her fertility, a concern as she hoped for a larger family.

However, just before starting chemotherapy, Spill became eligible for a clinical trial testing a new drug, dostarlimab. She received weekly injections for six months.

The treatment proved effective, with her tumor significantly shrinking after four treatments and disappearing completely by the ninth. Spill cautiously considered expanding her family and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Today, Spill remains cancer-free, her journey showcasing the potential of innovative cancer therapies.

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