Mona Lisa’s Location Revealed!

A scholar believes she’s figured out where the backdrop of the “Mona Lisa” comes from, after centuries of debate among art experts. Ann Pizzorusso, a geologist and Italian Renaissance specialist, thinks it’s in Lecco, northern Italy.

She points to the 14th-century Ponte Azzone Visconti in Lecco as the bridge in the painting, despite previous theories suggesting other locations like Arezzo and Bobbio.

Ponte Azzone Visconti in Modern Times

Pizzorusso’s confidence comes from her geological knowledge, which she says supports her claim better than previous hypotheses.

Her research indicates that the limestone rock formations in Lecco match those seen behind the Mona Lisa. Pizzorusso’s findings highlight the intersection of art and science in Leonardo’s work, according to Michael Daley of ArtWatch UK, who praises her scientific understanding over traditional art history interpretations.

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