World’s 1st Jet Suit Race

It is pretty crazy when a new technology is developed that looks like it came straight out of science fiction. Gravity Industries’ jet suits are certainly one of those.

Gravity Industries is a pioneering company known for developing advanced jet suits. Founded by Richard Browning, who aimed to challenge perceived boundaries in human flight, the company has achieved significant attention for its innovative approach to personal aviation. Their jet suit uses multiple miniature jet engines to achieve controlled flight, allowing the pilot to maneuver through the air with impressive agility.

The technology has been demonstrated in various settings, including military, emergency response, and entertainment scenarios, showcasing its versatility and potential applications. Gravity Industries continues to refine and develop their suits, focusing on enhancing performance, safety, and practicality for broader uses.

I first learned about Gravity Industries a few years ago when they tested out their suits in quick response emergency paramedic situation for difficult terrain during both day and night. A very cool use-case.

They recently held the worlds first ever jet suit race in Dubai. Not only does this look super fun, but the technology is seriously impressive. The technology has a lot of promise and likely has a very promising future as they continue to perfect it.

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