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If you go back a couple hundred of years, most people probably liked the idea of having no wolves prowling around outside their house. Fast forward to now, and that has (partially) changed. On one hand, when you get rid of all the predators, the prey population can get out of hand. This can cause problems with disease and unbalanced eco-systems.

On the other had, wolves are awesome! So it would be a real shame if they went extinct. So, the general balance people try to strike is having some wolves in parks and wild-life reserves. This seems like a reasonable compromise. We get wolves, and the wolves don’t get us… hopefully.

This brings us to the Netherlands. They have been growing the wolf population in their wildlife parks. The only problem – some wolves are getting a little too used to humans walking around.

In a notable development in wildlife management in the Netherlands, the Central Netherlands District Court has allowed the province of Gelderland to use paintball guns to deter wolves in De Hoge Veluwe National Park. This decision comes after a period of research and deliberation on the best methods to manage interactions between wolves and humans in the park.

The court’s ruling was influenced by concerns about public safety, particularly in light of reports of a female wolf in the park that has been approaching hikers and cyclists at a close distance. This behavior was considered abnormal and a serious threat to public safety. The court concluded that there was no other satisfactory solution than using paintball guns to discourage the wolf from such interactions, as long as the tool is used correctly and not aimed at sensitive areas like the eyes of the animals.

This decision represents a balancing act between protecting public safety and respecting the status of wolves as a protected species. It follows a period where the province of Gelderland’s initial plan was deemed carelessly prepared and insufficiently motivated, lacking conclusive evidence of the wolf exhibiting problem behavior and exploration of alternatives to the paintball gun.

We will certainly see more of these types of problems emerge as conservation efforts of the more dangerous species continue. But, luckily there usually seems to be a pretty good way of dealing with it without causing much harm. (Funny enough, I have been shot with a paintball gun before, so I guess I am speaking from experience)

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