Wearable Infusion Pumps

Infuzamed, a medical equipment company, recently introduced a new mobile infusion pump that you can wear, and it’s a game-changer. This small device does away with the bulky wires and poles of traditional pumps, giving patients more freedom to move around.

What sets Infuzamed apart from other portable pumps is its precise control over how much medicine it delivers and the different ways it can be used. Plus, it uses WiFi to keep track of patients’ vital signs in real-time, sending that info to the doctors.

The Infuzamed Wearable Patient Care Modules include:

  • Blood Pressure monitors, including ones that check occasionally and ones that record and send data.
  • A Holter monitor to track heart rhythms and send updates instantly.
  • Monitoring of breathing rate and oxygen levels.

Infuzamed can attach to most pre-filled syringes easily, making sure the medicine goes in just right, whether it’s through an IV or under the skin. Worn on the forearm, it lets patients move more and uses standard disposable syringes.

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