The Secrets of the “Little House on the Prairie”

Little House on the Prairie is certainly a staple of American culture. I am sure most of you have read at least some of the famous work. Or, if you haven’t read any of it your sister or mother probably has.

The books are considered semi-autobiographical. While some of the dates, people and events are apparently not one hundred percent accurate, they are very close and for the most part biographical.

For a while some of the things detailed in the books remained a mystery. Where is the school house that Laura taught at? Why did Mary Ingalls go blind from a sickness that does not cause blindness? How bad was the Long Winter? Do we have any way of knowing how bad it was comparably?

Well, some people asked those questions and they had the skills to back it up. I would recommend reading this article that tells how these scientist investigated events to discover their hidden history.

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