Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club

In the Boston area, a unique gathering of individuals, some long-time friends and others recent connections, meet every few months for breakfast. The occasion is marked by an extraordinary act of kindness: they collectively tip their server a substantial gift, aptly reflected in the group’s name, the Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club.

The initiative was started by Richard Brooks, an attorney, with encouragement from his wife Laurie. While group’s name suggests a $1,000 gift, they often exceed this amount, with one lucky server recently receiving a $2,050 tip. The sum varies depending on the number of participants, with each member contributing $100 towards the tip.

Brooks, 64, shared his personal connection to the gesture with Nice News, saying, “I was a waiter, so I know what it’s like to get a tip. And I still remember my first tip that was big, and it was a whopping $20. And I still remember it because I was paying myself through school.”

The concept for the Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club was inspired by a story Brooks heard from his brother about a similar generous act at a group meal. Brooks, who has a tradition of randomly giving out $100 bills to brighten people’s days, was immediately captivated by the idea. On January 2, 2023, he took to Facebook to create his version of the group, inviting anyone interested to join. The response was swift, with about a dozen people eager to participate.

Their first meeting took place at an iHop three months later, where they left a $1,400 tip. The club has grown in popularity, covered by both local and national media, but Brooks maintains a rotating email list of around 30 people to keep the gatherings manageable.

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