Thermal Insulating Powder

A Filipino engineer named Dexter De Castro, developed a remarkable thermal insulating powder inspired by NASA’s technology. This innovative powder, when applied as a coating or paint, effectively reduces indoor temperatures by a substantial margin, ranging between 30 to 60 percent.

De Castro’s inspiration stemmed from the thermal coating utilized on NASA’s space shuttles, comprising pre-cracked ceramic tiles enriched with silica, alumina, and nano ceramic particles. He ingeniously adapted this concept to formulate his own insulating powder.

Crafted from a mixture of soil and silica clay or white clay, De Castro’s insulating powder offers a cost-effective solution to combat indoor heat. He applied the powder to walls directly exposed to heat and observed a notable reduction in temperature after just two coatings.

Encouraged by these promising results, De Castro’s insulating powder was used in various residential projects, earning commendation from satisfied clients. Available for purchase at P1,620 ($32.43) per bucket and P330 ($6.61) per kilogram, the powder presents a more affordable means to enhance indoor comfort.

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