The ‘Whamageddon’ Challenge

The 1984 Wham! hit, “Last Christmas,” is a holiday staple, but a rising trend has people lowering the volume on this classic in the viral game known as “Whamageddon.”

How this works 😁

The challenge runs from Dec. 1 to Christmas Eve. The goal is to avoid hearing the song before Christmas Eve, and participants are out as soon as they hear and recognize the song.

But only the original version applies, which means covers like Emilia Clarke’s rendition in the Wham!-inspired film, Last Christmas, and off-key a cappella singing with friends are not approved.

DJ Matty at Northampton Town Football Club apologized for unintentionally ending the “Whamageddon” streak for over 7,000 fans by playing Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’ to a stadium full of people. The unintended musical misstep sadly cut short the participants’ quest to avoid the holiday classic for as long as possible.

Originating among friends in Denmark nearly two decades ago, the game has gained immense popularity on social media, with the hashtag #Whamageddon amassing over 11 million posts.

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