Tallest Skyscraper in America Gets Funded

Developer Scot Matteson has announced that financing for the Legends Tower in Oklahoma City, set to be the tallest building in the USA, is in place, with construction anticipated to start in September. The project, featuring a design by the Californian architecture firm AO, has been reported by The Oklahoman as fully funded since early March.

Matteson has secured the necessary $1.5 billion for the construction of the skyscraper and an additional three smaller surrounding towers, collectively referred to as the Boardwalk at Bricktown. Upon completion, the tower will stand at 1,907 feet (581 meters), positioning it as the tallest in the United States and the fifth tallest globally.

Site preparation is expected to commence in June, with Matteson stating plans to initially obtain a grading and infrastructure permit, followed by a building permit in September. He is collaborating with local construction consulting firm Thinkbox and engineering company Thornton Tomasetti on this venture. Matteson emphasized that the entire project, including the tower, is financed, pending approval.

The tower’s design initially proposed a height of 1,750 feet (533 meters) but was later extended with an adjustment to the spire’s design. The Legends Tower will accommodate hotel rooms, residences, and commercial spaces.

Despite skepticism from some experts and local engineers like Norb Delatte, who questioned the choice of a low-density area for such a monumental structure, Matteson remains optimistic about the project’s viability in Oklahoma City. He highlights the city’s job growth, population influx, and positive business environment as conducive factors for urban development.

Oklahoma City is among several American cities, including Miami and Austin, embarking on their first super-tall skyscraper projects.

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