Superbowl 58 Was 100% Solar Powered

The biggest sports event this year adopted a sustainable approach, taking advantage of its desert location. 621,000 solar panels powered the Allegiant Stadium, the venue for Superbowl VXIII and the Las Vegas Raiders.

The stadium secured a 25-year deal with NV Energy to source power from a solar farm, capable of supplying electricity for 60,000 homes beyond game days, according to CBS News.

Given Las Vegas’s 300 sunny days annually, the solar initiative makes practical sense. Apart from solar power, the Allegiant Stadium implements sustainability measures like recycling turf rubber pellets, collecting restaurant food scraps for livestock, and composting grass clippings.

The stadium features an efficient roof reducing the need for air conditioning, along with various systems for energy efficiency like low-energy lighting, lighting control systems, and air handling units.

The standout aspect is the stadium’s reliance on 100% renewable electricity from solar energy. U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, after inspecting the electrical room, emphasized the reliability of renewable power in a facility of this scale, highlighting its potential for other communities.

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