Social Media’s Latest Craze – The 9-Month Ultimate World Cruise!

The Ultimate World Cruise, a 274-night journey on the Serenade of the Seas by Royal Caribbean Cruises, became a TikTok sensation just two weeks into its nine-month global expedition. Departing from Miami on Dec. 10, the cruise promised travelers visits to over 60 countries and nearly a dozen world wonders. Passengers shared their experiences on TikTok, with the #UltimateWorldCruise tag amassing over 54.8 million views.

The cruise spans four legs, covering North and South America, the Pacific, the Mediterranean and Middle East, and Europe. Prices for the entire journey started at $53,999, but passengers had the option to book shorter durations or individual segments.

Some passengers shared their reasons for being on the Ultimate World Cruise with “TODAY.” Some mentioned celebrating wedding anniversaries, while one traveler, Angie Linderman, revealed she went on the journey due to her higher risk of developing cancer. Linderman stresses the importance of seizing the opportunity to check off bucket list items while still in good health.

“Retirement age is not a guarantee. And so (there is) an emphasis on just doing all of the things I can do now while I’m healthy, while I’m able, instead of putting them off in hopes that I can do them later, when in reality that may not happen,” she said.

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