Punnuk Festival– A Celebration of Culture and Thanksgiving.

Despite rainy weather, the residents of Hungduan Ifugao, in the Philippines rallied to celebrate the Punnuk Festival with vibrant camaraderie and tradition.

The festival began with an announcement about the Dumupag, an important land tract for rice cultivation. Villagers, dressed in traditional attire, paraded along the riverbanks, proudly showcasing their cultural heritage by carrying Pakid, a hooked sapling, and Kinaag, a human-like figure woven from rice stalks.

Amidst the rain, laughter filled the air as the community enthusiastically participated in Guyyud, a jovial tug-of-war game that united the villagers in good-natured competition and highlighted their shared bonds.

The Punnuk Festival has earned international recognition, receiving the title of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” from UNESCO in 2015. This honor emphasizes the festival’s role in preserving cultural heritage.

After the celebration, Mayor Casan Dumulag addressed the crowd, advocating for the Provincial Government of Ifugao to officially designate the Punnuk Festival as an annual event. This would memorialize the past and ensure the continuation of the festivities for future generations.

As the rain subsided, the festival’s triumph over the weather served as a testament to the community’s unwavering devotion to heritage. The raindrops could not dampen the radiant spirit that animates this cherished festival.

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