Paul McCartney Reclaims Stolen Hofner Bass 50 Years Later!

Paul McCartney got back his stolen bass guitar through a journalist-led initiative. The violin-like bass, linked to the German brand Höfner and made famous by McCartney, was taken from the Beatles’ touring van in Ladbroke Grove in 1972.

The Lost Bass Project began without evidence or leads. It clarified it had no intention to blame or press charges, leading some to reveal it was sold to a pub landlord in Ladbroke before reaching a family in Sussex. Eventually, it was found stashed in an attic, like any old heirloom.

“The guitar has been authenticated by Höfner, and Paul is incredibly grateful to all those involved,” stated the Lost Bass Project.

A journalist mentioned on the BBC that people wanted to help McCartney without disclosing involvement in the theft.

“We didn’t expect it to go very far, but it caught the imagination of thousands,” wrote the Lost Bass Project. “Within a week, it was in newspapers worldwide. We did numerous interviews and appeared on several TV news broadcasts.” “As a result of the publicity, someone in a terraced house in Hastings contacted Paul McCartney’s company and returned the bass. The search was over—Paul had his stolen bass back!”

The bass, still in its case, needs repairs before being playable. With the strap tight to McCartney’s chest, he used the Höfner for songs like Love Me Do and She Loves You.

“To have found it quickly is amazing, and we’ve heard how thrilled Paul McCartney is to have it back,” said Mr. Scott Jones of the Lost Bass Project. “That’s just the icing on the cake to know that the guy we all love is smiling tonight because his old guitar is back.”

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