Mysterious Stone Sculpture Found

Three Thai villagers discovered a detailed boulder carving of a woman while searching for mushrooms.

“Found this while mushroom hunting,” wrote Pramul Kongkratok, one of the villagers, on social media. “I’ve lived here for so long but just learned we have this around here. It’s a blessing.”

Kongkratok reported the find to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, which contacted art and antiquities experts to determine the carving’s age.

Some suggest the carving dates back to the 6th century, possibly linked to the Dvaravati kingdom, located in modern-day Thailand near Cambodia. However, the carving style differs from known Dvaravati reliefs.

Another theory proposes that the carving represents Maya Devi, the mother of Lord Buddha, as the figure holds a branch of the Bodhi tree, under which Prince Siddharta Gautama attained Enlightenment. Despite this, depictions of Maya Devi are rare and usually show her lying down, leading to skepticism about this theory.

Artists during the golden age of Buddhist kingdoms in South Asia typically adhered to consistent carving styles, unlike this discovery. Additionally, a Thai Buddhist monastery with artistically inclined monks is located less than a mile from the site in Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary.

Regardless of its origin, the carving is a remarkable find and a reminder of the world’s hidden wonders.

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