Microsoft’s New AI key

Microsoft has revamped its keyboards with a new AI key designed for seamless access to Copilot, Microsoft’s new AI, on the latest Windows 11 PCs. A major investor in OpenAI, Microsoft has actively infused AI across its product spectrum, notably within Microsoft 365 and Bing search since 2023. These innovative keyboards, set to debut in February, were unveiled at CES. Copilot, featured prominently, aids in various tasks such as search queries, email composition, and image creation.

Yusuf Mehdi, a Microsoft executive, describes this update as transformative, streamlining and elevating user interactions. This integration follows Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing user engagement. Copilot’s prior assimilation into Office 365 was the first integration Microsoft made.

Google, with its AI system named Bard, presents competition, yet Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI, notably marked by the introduction of ChatGPT in 2022, has injected a new dimension into the rivalry. However, Copilot, built upon OpenAI’s GPT-4, has drawn the attention of the UK competition watchdog. Which has scrutinizing Microsoft’s relationship with OpenAI amid recent boardroom tumult.

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