Living 200 Meters Under the Sea

Are you ready to live under the ocean? DEEP Research Labs, an international research and development organization, is driven by the goal to “make humans aquatic.” They believe that becoming part of the oceanic world is crucial for understanding and preserving Earth’s most diverse biosphere. Their website explains, “We create tools and practices for scientists, academics, and others who seek to do good through their interaction with our oceans.”

DEEP seeks to accomplish this amazing feat using their Sentinel System, a high-tech subsea habitat likened to an underwater International Space Station. It will allow researchers to live and work on the ocean floor, at depths up to 200 meters (656 feet), for up to 28 days at a time. The system is designed for a 20-year service life, and its modular design allows it to be reconfigured and relocated as needed.

Rick Goddard, DEEP’s product director, told Oceanographic Magazine, “We’re doing something new here at a scale never previously imagined outside of science fiction. I fully expect the equipment and technology we’re developing to be pivotal in enabling some game-changing discoveries and radically change the way we access and think about the ocean.”

I am not sure if I am quite ready to live 200 meters under the ocean, but still a fascinating endeavor.

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  1. Now who in the world would want that isolaton and dangers involved.


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