Immune-Boosting Cancer Breakthrough

A new cancer treatment developed by scientists at Virginia Tech aims to boost the body’s immune cells without causing harmful side effects like hair loss.

This method focuses on targeting cancer-killing proteins directly to tumors, making current treatments more effective.

Instead of attacking healthy cells, this treatment activates and “reprograms” immune cells to specifically fight cancer.

The key ingredient, small proteins called cytokines, usually cause side effects when they spread throughout the body. But with this new technique, they stay in tumors longer, reducing harm to healthy tissue.

Chemical engineers designed special particles to deliver these proteins directly to tumors, avoiding damage to the rest of the body.

By combining this treatment with other drugs that wake up dormant immune cells, the researchers saw promising results in eliminating tumors.

This approach has the potential to improve cancer treatment and may be useful for delivering other immune-boosting drugs in the future.

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