Honda Unveils Future-Forward EV Lineup

At the CES tech conference, Honda presented two concept cars, the “Space-Hub” and “Saloon,” providing a sneak peek into their forthcoming electric vehicle (EV) lineup set to launch in North America by 2026.

The inaugural model in the new “Honda 0 Series” EV range will draw inspiration from these concepts, aligning with Honda’s commitment to the principles of being “Thin, light, and wise.” Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe emphasized the goal of creating value and advancing mobility experiences.

The initial model, based on the Saloon concept, is slated for release in North America, followed by rollouts in other regions. The Saloon features a futuristic design with neon lighting, a redesigned Honda “H,” and a minimalistic digital cockpit. Entry is facilitated by a falcon wing door opening from the roof.

The Space-Hub, a larger minivan/shuttle variant, shares design elements with the Saloon. Both concepts suggest a focus on autonomous driving, indicated by retractable steering yokes.

Honda’s 0 Series will debut with an advanced driver-assistive system, followed by a subsequent automated driving (AD) system. Developed under the “human-centric” safety concept, the AD system incorporates advanced AI, sensing, recognition, and driver monitoring technologies for more natural and precise risk predictions during autonomous driving.

While specific specifications are undisclosed, Honda projected fast-charging capabilities for the 0 Series models in the late 2020s. The EVs aim to charge from 15% to 80% battery capacity in approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

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