“Gypsy” Transforms Junk into Tiny Wonderland for Granddaughter

A Cheyenne Man— Known as Uncle Gypsy to some or just Gypsy to most, has been constructing his own tiny home south of Cheyenne for the past few years. His goal is to pass this on to his 21-year-old granddaughter, Kianna when the time comes.

In contrast to the average cost of $52,000 for a professionally built tiny home, Gypsy has invested only $5,000, primarily using salvaged materials from old RVs. He shouldered much of the construction himself, with a friend assisting in moving a 100-gallon water tank into place.

Living off the grid, Gypsy relies on a combination of ingenuity and community support. His tiny home features upcycled items, a 400-watt inverter, and a commitment to renewable energy once his solar panels and wind turbine are installed.

Gypsy’s journey doesn’t end there; he plans to take his tiny home on the road, settling on a friend’s property west of Cheyenne to oversee and exchange electrical work. Here’s some pictures of his tiny home if you would like to see them.

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