Game-Changing Cancer Test

An ongoing human study suggest that a new experimental cancer test can accurately detect up to 18 early-stage cancers. But how does it work? And maybe even more importantly, how much will it cost?

The new cancer test works by analyzing blood proteins, instead of tumor DNA, and showed this style of test may accurately detect up to 18 early-stage cancers. The US biotech firm, Novelna, presented trial results involving 440 individuals with 18 different cancers, using blood plasma samples from each patient and 44 healthy donors.

The Novelna team achieved high sensitivity and specificity by analyzing trace proteins in the blood. The test, which also considers sex-specific proteins, identified 93% of male and 84% of female cancers at stage I with 99% specificity. The researchers proposed the test as a foundation for a cost-effective, accurate, multi-cancer screening on a population-wide scale, covering major human organs.

Acknowledging the trial’s small size, the team stresses the need for larger trials to confirm accuracy. Despite this, they highlighted the significance of detecting low-level proteins in blood samples for early tumor identification. Implementing such tests could improve survival rates, especially for cancers like breast cancer, and contribute to global efforts in combating the substantial impact of cancer, which currently accounts for one in every six deaths worldwide.

Novelna also anticipates that the test will be much cheaper than current option, with the estimated cost to be below $100. Current tests, like the Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED) tests, can often cost close to $1,000.

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  1. Amazing to save humans from having surgical procedures to find out if tumors or tumors not known for cancer. Biopsies can speed up the cancer growth. Let’s get this procedure going, saving patients and cost efficient to all.


  2. Sounds great! I do hope this comes into medical practice on a routine basis very soon.


  3. the already available cancer screening test through GP or gynecologist office that is done with a blood sample lets you know if you have one of 53 genetic anomalies that predispose you to a number of cancers. Unfortunately, if you get the test and you test positive for mutation you have just signed your death warrant to be unable to get life insurance! This mutation would put you at a much higher rate to get any number of cancers. I do believe this type of test is good but PLEASE make sure that you have the life insurance you need prior to getting the test done! And as for the rest of the family which may inherit the mutated gene, they offer testing but the same holds true for them for insurance. Not sure how far down the line the insurance companies can hold these results against you or your family but it is a question to be asked BEFORE TESTING!


  4. The new cancer test is very good news.


  5. Great news, But to me this simple test should and most likely
    was known a long time ago?


  6. Wondered why it took so long.Also notice the charge .Another money making scheme for a company.If cancer is on the rise since vaccine for covid why is this test not free for all just like the covid test


  7. Jonathan Yamsie Taylor April 14, 2024 at 4:53 pm

    Cost with accessibility is on the mark.unlike the need for harvesting the tumor( focused).approach.thanks,helpful to masses.


  8. how about multiple myeloma


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