Finland Remains Happiest Country for 7th Year

Finland consistently secures the top spot as the happiest country in the world, as per the annual United Nations World Happiness Report, a position it has maintained since 2018.

The Finnish people attribute their happiness to four fundamental factors: a strong bond with nature, a pragmatic lifestyle, emphasis on fresh and local food, and a commitment to sustainability.

They view happiness not as an enigmatic concept but rather as a set of attainable skills, cultivated through daily activities such as forest walks, sea dips post-sauna, and meals crafted from locally sourced ingredients.
To commemorate their happiness status and following the success of the 2023 Masterclass in Happiness, Finland’s official tourism board and Helsinki Partners are inviting applicants worldwide to participate in a happiness hack-a-thon. This five-day curated experience will take place in Helsinki, the world’s happiest capital.

Scheduled for June 2024, the Helsinki Happiness Hacks urban expedition offers selected participants an opportunity to learn from five Helsinki residents, each sharing their strategies for finding joy in the city.

The lineup includes Lena Salmi, a seventy-year-old skateboarder and avid swimmer, who will share insights on urban swimming; Luka Balac, a renowned chef focused on sustainability, who will discuss his approach to social gastronomy; Adela Pajunen, a well-being expert and biologist, who will shed light on Finland’s natural remedies; designer Tero Kuitunen, who will demonstrate how Helsinki’s urban and natural elements intersect; and Tapio Hakanen, also known as DJ Orkidea, who will introduce participants to the concept of a “sauna rave.”

Heli Jimenez, Senior Director of International Marketing at Business Finland, expresses enthusiasm about sharing Finnish happiness practices with the world. She states, “As the world’s happiest country, we believe in sharing our happiness. We are excited to welcome people from across the globe to discover the keys and hacks to Finnish happiness.”

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