Exoskeleton Allows People to Walk Again

Italy has produced a new robotic exoskeleton aimed at enhancing the lives and mobility of individuals with disabilities or injuries. Named ‘Twin,’ the exoskeleton, developed in collaboration between the Italian Institute of Technology and the National Insurance Institute of Workplace Injuries, was unveiled at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

The device operates through battery-powered motors at the knee and hip joints, offering three modes: Walk mode, Retrain mode, and TwinCare mode. Walk mode is designed for individuals paralyzed from the waist down, facilitating leg movement with adjustable gait and walk speeds. Retrain mode assists users with partial leg control, providing support to build strength and mobility. TwinCare mode aids those with injuries in only one leg, synchronizing the exoskeleton’s movement with a functional leg using software on an Android tablet.

In development since 2013, the Twin has a battery life of approximately 4 hours. Constructed with lightweight, interchangeable aluminum alloy modules, it can be disassembled for transport or upgrades. Although still in the prototype stage and requiring crutches for balance, the technology showcases significant progress in developing advanced solutions for individuals with disabilities.

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