Drone Catches Spectacular Ray Shoal

Emerging drone enthusiast Daniel Lukic captured a spectacular migration of cownose rays near Forster Beach in Australia. Being in the right place at the right time, Lukic recorded an impressive aerial video showcasing hundreds of rays, resembling a vibrant display of scattered confetti on the water.

Lukic, describing the scene, estimated the ray count to be approximately 400 or 500, resulting in a visually captivating spectacle. Expressing his enthusiasm, he remarked, “I get pretty excited when I see this sort of stuff because it’s a single moment in time where you just had to be there.”

Marine biologists interviewed by ABC News AU speculated that the substantial gathering of rays, referred to as a ‘fever,’ might function as a protective measure. Despite this, the conservation status of cownose rays remains uncertain, marked as “data deficient” by the IUCN.

Normally observed in fevers of around 100 individuals, Lukic’s recording of such a sizable group prompts questions about the event’s rarity or the limited scientific knowledge about their habits. Biologists recognized that Lukic’s footage has the potential to significantly contribute to advancing the understanding of these marine creatures.

Beyond the ray migration, Lukic has also documented other intriguing marine scenes, including dolphin pods swimming alongside sharks, featured on his channel.

Check out this footage he got! It is enchanting.

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