Child Saves Family from Burning Home

During a break from school, Olivia was having a playdate with a friend while her mother, Laura-Lee Patterson, looked after her younger siblings at home. Hearing Olivia’s urgent cries, Laura-Lee woke up from a doze and realized the seriousness of the situation.

Following Olivia’s lead, the family evacuated the house, with neighbors gathering outside to offer support. Laura-Lee recalls the surreal feeling of confusion and shock as they fled the burning home, with the gravity of the situation sinking in only after they were safe.

The aftermath was a mix of relief and sadness. Olivia was upset about losing her belongings, and the family faced challenges in coping with the trauma. Adjusting to temporary accommodations and comforting their children became the new focus, with Laura-Lee noting the lasting impact on Olivia’s typically cheerful demeanor.

As they navigate the aftermath of the fire, the Patterson family is grateful for the support from friends, firefighters, and the community, acknowledging that the kindness they’ve received means more than any material possession.

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