Amazing 93 Year Old Athlete

John Starbrook, affectionately known as “the Legend” among his friends, exemplifies the remarkable benefits of staying active well into one’s later years. At the age of 93, he is possibly the oldest water polo player at Hampton Pool in southwest London, and likely across the UK.

His sporting journey extends back nearly eight decades, beginning just after he left school at the end of World War II. Over the years, Starbrook has maintained a vigorous routine that includes swimming three times a week and participating in various sports, which he credits for his robust health in his 90s.

Starbrook’s athletic prowess was evident early on when he competed in national swimming championships as a young man. Although he didn’t win, the experience fueled a lifelong passion for water sports. This passion was highlighted when, at 80, he celebrated by swimming across the Gulf of Corryvreckan, a challenging stretch of water between the Scottish islands of Jura and Scarba.

Apart from his aquatic exploits, Starbrook has an impressive marathon history, having completed 52 marathons, including international races in places like Denmark and Barbados. Even more amazingly, all those marathons are from after he took up running at the age of 53.

His fastest marathon, a very respectable 4 hours and 14 minutes, was achieved in Snowdonia, a feat he humorously credits to being chased by sheep. His marathon journey continued well into his eighties, with his most recent 26-miler occurring in 2019 when he was 88.

Despite some skepticism from doctors and even his own family about the sustainability of his intense physical activity, Starbrook has continued to thrive, demonstrating the profound impact of a lifetime of fitness.

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