A Landlord’s Gift

Britni Ricard, the founder of COTA Skin Care, also wears the hat of a property owner, having invested in a New Orleans apartment building with 10 units in 2019. The tenants in this building, predominantly single women with children, reminded Ricard of her own upbringing in public housing and the financial challenges her mother faced during Christmas time.

Recalling her childhood, Ricard shared, “It was tough. My mom was a single woman raising three children alone, and watching her continuously struggle as a child and wanting to figure out, ‘How can I help?'”.

In November, Ricard organized a pre-holiday meeting with her tenants. Then she surprised them with all with a gift— one month of free rent. A video capturing this generous gesture quickly gained traction on TikTok. In addition to the rent relief, Ricard extended her support by offering to organize a seminar to guide her tenants in becoming homeowners.

Kedesha Dunn, a single mother residing in one of the building’s units with her two boys, expressed gratitude for Ricard’s unexpected gift.
“Now I, you know, I don’t have to go try to take a loan out or something like ask my family for money,” Dunn said. “Like, I can do it now. Like, I can do it.”

“I’m an emotional person,” Dunn added. “I start to cry. ‘Cause I’m just like, that is so sweet. She’s uh, better than Santa Claus at this point. … Like a guardian angel” she added.

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