The World From 12,000 Feet

Los Angeles based, Donn Delson began his aerial photography career nearly a decade ago. He has spent over 300 hours in helicopters, capturing scenes from the cherry blossoms of Japan to hidden mountain trails in the Red Sea—sometimes from 12,000 feet. He charters private helicopters, costing between $800 and $2,500 per hour, funded by his entrepreneurial success. After selling his company BandMerch, a leading entertainment merchandise business, Delson briefly retired before a holiday trip sparked a new passion.

On a trip flying 3,200 feet over Molokai, Hawaii, Delson was captured inside a rare double circular rainbow. Courtesy Donn Delson

While many might balk at hanging out of a doorless helicopter, Delson prefers this setup—he won’t put his camera lens near a window. “It’s the only way I want to shoot,” he said back on the ground the next day, discussing his passion for aerial photography.

“I work on a large scale to convey the feeling I get up there.“The world from above is so different from what we know,” Delson said.

Check out a collection of his photos here!

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