New ‘The Lord of the Rings Movie’ Announced for 2026

Warner Bros. announced a new Lord of the Rings movie, signaling a return to the beloved film franchise based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels. The upcoming film, the first of a two-part series delving into untold tales within the universe, will feature Peter Jackson, the director of the original trilogy, back in charge. Additionally, Andy Serkis, known for his portrayal of Gollum, will star in and direct the initial installment, titled “The Hunt for Gollum.”

The announcement was made by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav during an earnings call, with the tentative release date for “The Hunt for Gollum” set for 2026. While details about the plot are still under wraps, speculation has already begun among fans and critics.

Notably, a fan-made film of the same name, “The Hunt for Gollum,” released in 2009, explored a subplot from Tolkien’s appendices, depicting Gandalf’s mission to capture Gollum before he could betray the Ring’s location to Sauron. Whether the upcoming film will follow a similar narrative remains uncertain.

While awaiting the release of the new movie, fans can look forward to other Lord of the Rings project, the animated prequel “Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim,” slated for December 13, 2024.

I am a huge fan of Tolkien and his works. I am tentatively looking forward to “The War of the Rohirrim”. This new movie around the hunt for Gollum is certainly a surprise. I will have to hear more about the project before I can decide if I can get excited or not. Here’s to hoping they will both be good!

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