New Sora AI is Shocking

OpenAI’s new text-to-video ai tool, Sora, is absolutely shocking. Text-to-video ai is not brand new, but Sora brings it to a whole new level. (examples down below)

To use Sora, you input a text prompt and Sora generates a video to match your instructions. These videos can be realistic, animated, or any number of combinations you can come up with.

Unlike previous text-to-video ai tools, Sora is capable of creating video clips up to 60 seconds long. In the past, most were very short clips and were generally very fake and unnatural looking.

Sora is not available for public use yet. However, it is expected to become available in the not too distant future.

While it is always a little bit frightening when technology moves at such a fast pace. Many of the main stream ai tools have guardrails in place to stop illegal and exploitative content. This does not always stop bad actors, but thankfully it does help.

What we can all do is promote good and ethical uses of all new technologies.

What Are Some of the Upsides?
There are some very exciting potential uses for this new ai. One of the biggest is for small film, music, and content creators.

Sora can give all of these people the opportunity to create clips or scenes that they would not have the financial means to create otherwise. This could be particularly impactful for people that make content involving Sci-Fi or Fantasy elements. (It is quite difficult to find stock footage of a dragon after all).

It will also give greater ability for people in less fortunate financial situations to be able to realize their artistic visions. This will hopefully make it easier for these people to enter into the film, artistic, and content creation sectors.

It is important to remember that the demo content released was selected by OpenAI for demonstration purposes. We do not know how heavily curated this content was. Once the tool is released to the public we will begin to understand the actual impact it will have.

Below are some of the demos OpenAI released.

If you want to see Sora OpenAI’s full gallery, you can find it on their website here.

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