Amazon Buys Rocket Launches from SpaceX

Amazon has recently announced its decision to purchase three rocket launches from SpaceX for its Project Kuiper, which aims to establish a network of broadband internet satellites.

This is a surprising move, considering Amazon’s Kuiper is directly in competition to Elon Musk’s Starlink. Both Kuiper and Starlink are multi-billion-dollar ventures aiming to deploy thousands of satellites for a range of customers, from governments to individual consumers.

Earlier, Amazon had placed a significant order for launches with three competitors of SpaceX, including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. This decision was later scrutinized in a shareholder lawsuit against Amazon, alleging that Bezos’ competition with Musk influenced the choice to bypass SpaceX.

SpaceX, known as the world’s most active rocket operator, has consistently maintained its openness to launching satellites for competitors of Starlink. It has already orbited numerous broadband satellites for various companies and has plans for more such launches.

I’m sure Elon is quite happy about this.