A Device that Can Rewire Your Brain

Twenty million Americans with tinnitus might find relief with an over-the-counter device that has shown to improve symptoms in 84% of users.

This device, called Lenire, uses a combination of tongue stimulation with electricity and white noise played through headphones to help refocus the brain and reduce the perception of ringing in the ears.

Despite its $4,000 price tag and lack of insurance coverage, clinical trials support Lenire’s effectiveness. The FDA has approved it, and clinicians are already using it. While there is limited data on its long-term effectiveness, early results are promising: 80% of users would recommend it, according to NPR.

“It’s not a cure, but Lenire is a significant advancement in the standards of care,” said Ross O’Neil, founder of Neuromode Devices, the company behind Lenire. “It’s the first and only device approved by the FDA based on clinical data.”

Audiologist Brian Fligor, a consultant during Lenire’s development, explains that the device works by shifting the brain’s focus away from the ringing, like moving a spotlight on a stage from one actor to another.

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