100 ‘Extraordinary Days’ in a Year

According to a new survey, a third of your month is bound to be ‘extraordinary.’

The survey of 2,000 Americans revealed that the average person experiences 10 extraordinary days each month, totaling 120 remarkable days every year. Those residing in Hawaii, Idaho, or South Dakota enjoy even more, with an average of 13 extraordinary days per month.

The concept of a joyful lifestyle is subjective, but there are some common themes. Majorities agreed that the following factors contribute to a joyful life:

What Defines a Joyful Life?

Feeling happy (77%)

Being healthy (71%)

Having positive personal and family relationships (69%)

Feeling comfortable (69%)

The survey, commissioned by Santa Margherita and conducted by Talker Research, aimed to determine how frequently Americans treat themselves and what occasions warrant indulgence.

The findings showed that half of the respondents believe “any day is a good day” to treat themselves. They enjoy spending their most joyful days with family and friends (62%), and 76% prefer sharing their joyful feelings with others whenever possible.

People like to treat themselves during their birthday (66%), while on vacation (59%), and when having a good day (48%).

Sixty-one percent consider a nice meal to be the perfect treat for an extraordinary day, especially when accompanied by a nice beverage.

Moreover, 71% believe that indulgences are best shared with others, particularly their significant others (75%), family members (72%), and close friends (65%).

Over three-quarters (78%) enjoy hosting family and friends for dinners at home, and 80% believe that pairing food and wine enhances the dining experience, making the meal feel more special.

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